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The Hottest and Full of Plans Awaits you in the Murcia Region

December is one of the most special months. Christmas is coming! Family time, snacks, celebrations, hugs, and the occasional gift (only if you’re good) are essential at this time.

We recommend that you take advantage of these days to take a trip that won’t leave you indifferent: visit the Murcia region and discover a destination where Christmas lives in every corner with plans for all audiences. We tell you what not to miss.

Nativity Scenes in the Region of Murcia: Heritage, Art and Passion

Did you know that the Murcia region is the biggest national power in the crib sector? In addition, it has the only cribs certified by AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).

Specifically, the Salzillo nativity scene is one of the most iconic works in Spanish art history. It is an exceptional set of more than five hundred figures that you can visit at the Salzillo Museum.

Without a doubt, an unmissable Christmas program in this region is to visit these representations that perfectly show even the smallest details of the birth of Jesus. The passion for cribs is such in the Murcia region that you can find them in all their locations. However, we offer you a small selection with the most symbolic ones:

  • Belém da Pedra da Lapava. Located in the Church of San Juan de Dios in the city of Murcia, it couldn’t be more authentic. Bring Murcia back to life, with its famous cathedral tower, houses with orchards and even the sculptor Salzillo in his workshop.
  • Murcia municipal nativity scene. Exposed in the Episcopal Palace in Plaza del Cardinal Beluga. His pieces are full of expression and realism. In addition, choirs and clubs sing with him every day.
  • The monumental biblical crib of Lorca. It is exhibited in the square of the Palace of Guevara and produced every year by the Sociedade Presepio de Lorca. It reflects the craft tradition of the City of the Sun.
  • Municipality of Belem Cartagena. It is located in Plaza de San Francisco and recreates the landscape and craftsmanship of Campo de Cartagena. It has distinctive buildings and enclaves of the city’s archaeological and cultural heritage, such as the Roman Theater.

Furthermore, this year the region of Murcia had the privilege of taking to the European Parliament for the first time one of the cribs made by craftsmen from Puente Tocinos, the birthplace of the nativity scene.

1001 Flavors Christmas Candy

Gastronomy is enjoyed with all five senses all year round in the Murcia region, but at Christmas, 1001 Flavors bring out its most beautiful facets. Some of the snacks that you just can’t stop trying are:

friendly. Double angel hair fans. It is traditional in the Huerta de Murcia region and is made with a paste of ground almonds, angel hair, sugar, eggs and lemon peel. It is then baked in the form of small balls, which are laid out on pieces of wafer biscuits.
Marzipan. Anyone from the Murcia region has nothing to envy of Toledo! The most popular is Moratalla. It is made by beating an almond and sugar mass with egg whites and a little lemon zest, and is filled with a soft cream made from egg yolks, milk and syrup.

Alfagor. It is one of the most popular Christmas desserts in the Murcia region. Although it is mainly manufactured in the northwest region and in the Pedanías Altas de Lorca, it is a must-have throughout the region. Honey, almonds, hazelnuts, breadcrumbs, lemon, orange zest, walnuts, cinnamon, star anise… All this forms a paste, which is placed between cookies that, according to tradition, must have a caravaca cross .

Christmas Market

What is Christmas without wandering through the Christmas markets? Discover the handicraft fair in the Murcia region and more than 80 pavilions with traditional shops, cuisine and cribs until the 5th of January. Potters, cribs, jewelers, painters, embroiderers… They all come to this event where handicrafts and the magic of Christmas form a perfect duet in the center of Murcia, right on Paseo de Alfonso X el Sabio.

Don’t miss the Cartagena Christmas Craft Market until January 5th. The port of Cartagena goes into “Christmas mode” with its traditional market. Gastronomy, traditional sweets, decoration, gift ideas… the perfect Christmas plan!

Plans You Should Write Down in Your Diary

In the Murcia region, they know that Christmas holidays are to be enjoyed to the fullest. Do you need inspiration? Take note!

Legoland in Cartagena

More than 50,000 LEGO bricks arrive at the tower of Cartagena’s Castillo de la Concepción to represent Santa’s village, the gingerbread houses of the elves, a parade full of gifts given by the Three Kings and even the famous Grinch house, haunted by the Christmas lights. A great plan for the whole family!

Journey to the Magical Kingdom of Murcia

From the 3rd of December to the 8th of January, the space at La Fica, in Murcia, turns into a huge Christmas theme park with more than 30 attractions for all ages: snow slides, ice rinks, food carts… .Plana-zo!

Eat at Christmas

Walk the Yecla nativity trail and discover its most original representations promoted by the Yecla Nativity Scene Association. Sing famous Christmas carols along the itinerary and experience the unique atmosphere that exists in this city during the Christmas season with an official tour guide.

You and Your dog this Christmas

If you have a four-legged family member who understands you just by looking at you and communicating with a bark, you should get involved in this activity. You can have fun with face painting, market, show dog skills… the best? That all the benefits will go to the assistant protectors.

In other words, Christmas is more fun in Los Alcazares. Do you dare to “Christmas shower”? Dive off its shores and you’ll receive an occasional gift for your bravery (more than you deserve).

Hundreds of Plans await You in the Murcia Region

In all the towns in the Murcia region you can find plans for the whole family during the Christmas season: musical shows, games, guided tours, ice rink, storytelling and shows of all kinds.

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