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Some Loafers with Pink Paint are Vandalizing one of the Most Important Works of Rock Art in Spain

They haven’t been located yet, but they’re identified morally: they’re assholes.

One of the most important examples of rock art in Spain, known as “Las Sacerdotesas”, located in the Despeñaperros Natural Park, was vandalized this weekend by visitors who have not yet been located.

Idiots who spray-painted a UNESCO World Heritage site in pink paint.

According to the Andalusian Ministry of Culture and Heritage, a team of restorers and archaeologists will carry out “emergency” work to “try to restore its original state”.

The director general of the Civil Guard, María Gamez, confirmed that this Monday she filed an official complaint against those responsible for the “attack” on the property damage.

The Priestesses, in detail, represent a ritual dance associated with deer hunting and constitute one of the most characteristic examples of Neolithic pictorial art.

In it you can see two rectangular anthropomorphic figures with arms outstretched next to a deer.

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