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‘Qatargate’ Scandal: Eva Kayley, Vice-President of the European Parliament, was Arrested on Corruption and Money Laundering Charges

Once again, the socialists let themselves be seen by the feather duster.

The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office reported on Sunday, December 11, that last Friday, December 9, 2022, the Social Democrat and Vice-President of the European Parliament, Eva Kayli, was arrested on charges of corruption and money laundering Of money. This case is known as “Qatargate” because it links Qatar to the European Parliament.

His Italian partner, Francesco Giorgi, was also arrested for exactly the same thing, corruption and money laundering. In total, there were four accused, although the names of the other two have not been officially released.

And as if that were not enough, it should be noted that Kylie’s father was arrested on the same Friday, December 9, when he was trying to escape with 600,000 euros in a suitcase, although he was on parole. Therefore, he suggests that socialists only know how to do one thing well: be thieves.

Who Really is Eva Kylie?

The Social Democrat was elected to the Greek Parliament aged just 29. In 2014 she ran for the European elections, where she was elected Member of the European Parliament, and shortly after became Vice-President of the European Parliament.

However, in recent months, Kylie’s relationship with the European Socialist Party (PES) began to deteriorate, until in September she broke with the line of abstention adopted by the party in relation to the vote for the election of the next secretary of Urukamara. Cayley refused to abstain and voted for Alessandro Chiocetti, an MP from the Egyptian Workers’ Party, which caused a series of riots.

In late November, the European Parliament backed Qatar in the midst of the global debate, saying it was an “innovative” country in terms of labor rights and had become a target of intimidation from the West. The same happened with deputy Mark Tarabella, who defended the country, saying that he has made a lot of efforts, mainly in the area of human rights, and that boycotting him is hypocritical.

For this reason, the socialists and democrats present at the Eurochamber decided to suspend Kylie’s participation in the parliamentary group.

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