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Pigcasso Sells a Painting for $27,000

We are not giving our opinion here, so as not to offend some people, but our thesis is that this “humanization” of error is an absurdity of biblical proportions.

But let each one carry his own cross, for there are more fools than beers.

Pigcasso, a transplanted painting rescued in 2016 from a South African slaughterhouse shortly before being slaughtered, has become the most sought-after animal painter in history.

The bug, or more precisely the cheeks he exploits and dazzles the unwary, broke this record after selling on December 13, 2021 an abstract work called ‘Wild and Free’ to a German collector for a record $27,000.

That beats the mark set in 2005 by a chimpanzee named Kongo, who sold a set of three paintings for $19,000.

The choice of colors for the piece, painted on canvas measuring 1.6 by 2.6 meters, was inspired by the blue tones of the oceanic landscapes of western South Africa.

Due to its dimensions, which make it the largest artwork ever created by an animal artist, it took several weeks to complete.

Joan Lifeson, who owns the seeds, said she discovered Pigcasso’s abilities shortly after her rescue, when she picked up some brushes she had left in her pen and showed signs of wanting to make her first strokes, so she continued to train her using a technique called training. clicker, commonly used with dogs, until she can draw on her own.

Animal has seen his talent recognized worldwide and has sold paintings to buyers in Germany, the United States, Brazil, Singapore and the United Kingdom, among other countries.

Likewise, she has participated in exhibitions in South Africa and her art has been showcased at major events hosted by well-known brands.

Proceeds from the sale of “Wild and Free” will be used to support Farm Sanctuary, whose mission is “to inspire a kinder, more sustainable world through animal rescue and rehabilitation.”

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