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Little Lo turns 27 and celebrates it: “It’s not a bike or a crutch that prevents me from having fun”

Today is her every day! Lauren Silva, also known as Pekina Lou, is a 27-year-old in a very good mood, the more than 10 million followers who follow her online know her very well, smiles and achievements that have even landed her on the Forbes Under list. 30. . “The party girl since she’s known”, as she likes to call herself, she has prepared a very special party for tonight, the secret party, in which she highlights the details of her personality even in the name her. “It works for me because all my life my friends have called me ‘mysterious’ because I didn’t tell everyone my stuff.”

The second look of the night, dedicated to the influencer’s big party, is futuristic: a beautiful silver body, with boots, bracelets and makeup in the same pattern.

But she did tell Glamour, in an exclusive interview. About her beginnings on YouTube, the TikTok boom in 2020, her current relationship with fame after initial anxiety attacks, representing people with disabilities, the dreams she wants to fulfill before the age of 30 and more there. “I want to get into the drama and have the chance to play different characters, not just focus on the disability,” she said.

And in the nostalgic air of her birthday, the influencer -who still has the same spark and desire to fulfill her childish version- said what message she would give Laurent from the past if she could. “I would tell him to keep doing what he has always done to achieve his goals, even with all the difficulties and maybe people won’t support the ‘innovative’ ideas he had (laughs). And most importantly, believe in yourself. “

You can’t go back in time yet, but you don’t even need a time machine to know that baby Laurent is proud of the woman he’s become. If 30 is the age of success, as Jenna Rink’s classic line in “Suddenly 30” says, we can’t wait to see what milestones will continue to be achieved in the coming anniversary…

To follow and celebrate everything that’s happened so far, check out the full chat:

You started posting videos on Youtube in 2015, right? How did your interest in producing online content begin?

I entered university in 2015, and a relative of mine, who works in advertising, gave me the idea to start recording videos of my day-to-day life and uploading them to YouTube. I knew that I had a lot to tell him, but I never imagined that it could become my profession.

So I created my profile, without trying to play any character, and it quickly went viral with the first pieces of content, which dealt with both serious and funny topics. I have always used humor and still do to lighten things up and engage more people.

And how was that transition from your first content to the humor of your TikTok videos?

At the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games I had some strength to keep going. At that time, I had already taken a break so that I could participate in the opening of the event with my dance group, and I met many nice people who asked me to return my content, which gave me the energy to follow the first format. produced. today.

Then in 2019 I went to TikTok and everything was streaming so much faster there. A year later, I graduated and had to put aside plans to attend online as I saw potential in the influencer profession and loved it, wanting it to grow into something bigger and bigger.

The pandemic has been a difficult time for everyone; But also a period in which the creators conquered a large audience with the arrival of TikTok. When you started producing content, were you surprised that you gained so many followers?

So I always like to tell jokes. Humor, for me, is a cure; But it was still a hobby, one that I didn’t think of going any further, so much so that when I started, I was insecure and nervous and thought about how people would react to seeing me dance and talk about life. The TikTok boom came in 2020. One day, I slept anonymously and Little Lo woke me up. I was high for a week.

You also have a degree in psychology and your content, with a lot of humor, portrays many everyday situations, which generates instant identification with the audience. Would you say that your training helps you produce video scripts?

Yes, I believe that even outside of the clinical or corporate world, psychology is presented in every detail. For example, when I make a video, I can accurately carry that identification with the audience that is watching me, as well as being able to evoke a certain feeling in them.

He has already revealed in interviews that he has anxiety attacks after going up on the networks. What did you do to deal with it? How is your relationship with fame and social networks nowadays?

I always joke that now I can manage well because I’m taking medication (laughs). During the pandemic, I started having these crises, not only because of everything that was changing in my life, but also because of the chaotic moment the world is going through. I had anxiety attacks because I was so afraid of fame. No matter how much we prepare for something, we are never quite ready. I had to seek professional help and take medication for anxiety, but today I am fine and I am learning more every day to face this new life. My relationship with the networks today is very good. I love seeing people identify with and interact with my content.

And speaking of fame, what is the hardest part of being a public person?

Without a doubt, it is the degree of exposure and the degree to which we are judged by others. But I think they are the “bones of the trade” to become a public person and share your life with millions of people. I’m getting better every day, and I even love that connection and intimacy that I end up creating with my fans. Every time I meet them I make sure to stop and talk and take photos with everyone.

Representing people with disabilities is also one of her commitments online. You are someone who speaks up when you are in an awkward youthful situation, who speaks against the ability and shows that you also have fun and live life like everyone else. Talk a bit about it:

I’ve been a party girl for as long as I can remember. I like to waste time and have fun with my friends. And I like to show that I also enjoy going to clubs and dancing like many other people my age. At the same time, I take action and show that it is not a little bike or a crutch that prevents me from having fun, dancing, drinking and making friends, things that are very important to me.

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