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Josep Pedrerol Sticks his Finger in the Wound: The Brutal Stick for Luis Enrique’s Streamer

Spain’s exclusion from the World Cup in Qatar caused a lot of damage.

Spain was wrong against Morocco. Unable to score a goal in 120 minutes, or in three penalties. But, yes, we made over a thousand passes for a total of two shots on goal over the course of the game.

And the most distinguished man is Luis Enrique. His future as a coach is indicated by the fact that he is not on the Spanish bench.

Rubiales, president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), is looking for alternatives. The strongest men are: Luis de la Fuente (under-21 coach), Marcelino who has no team, Roberto Martinez (former Belgium coach) and Ernesto Valverde (current Athletic Bilbao coach).

Massive Stick from Pedrerol to Luis Enrique

And Pedrerol found something they agreed with in all of them, and he took the opportunity to tease Luis Enrique:

“Yesterday was a tough, tough night. We are ready to get rid of. We have time to think about where the future of choice is going. Names like Luis de la Fuente, Marcelino and Valverde. Is someone motivating you? They’re good, huh. But they don’t like to broadcast”, began the presenter of “El Chiringuito” at the beginning of the program last Wednesday, December 7.

The presenter did not stop there. “We had a style to imitate with Luis Aragonés. Now we play meaninglessly, we lose our identity. Nobody respects us. Pedroll said angrily.

The most anticipated Pedrerol editorial
Pedrerol sticks to Luis Enrique don’t stop. Before “El Chiringuito”, in the LaSexta program “Jugones”, which he also presents at lunchtime, he used his famous short story “El Editorial” to give advice to Rubiales and the phrases of Luis Enrique:

“Yesterday, a thousand assists and only two chances to score. Is this the style we are proud of? The whole world is laughing at Spain… at Spain’s sterile game», began by saying the Catalan announcer in «El Editorial».

“We failed. And now it’s Rubiales Lebetl’s turn… president of the Spanish Federation. And we ask him only one thing, that he choose well… the alternative”, said Josep Pedrol firmly in “Jugones” with a certain phrase .

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