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GKAY announces new stage, responsible for its design: “I decided to play and meet”

In 2023, let’s face it: Jessica Kayani, GKay, has become one of the most stylish Brazilians today. Her intrinsic relationship with fashion, as she has previously stated, goes beyond her shopping at big designer stores, from Coperni to Valentino.

It was her passion and her perseverance to follow her dreams that landed her in the front row of shows like Schiaparelli and Zuhair Murad, and trying on pieces by famous designers like Iris van Herpen, straight from her ateliers. Haute Couture Week in Paris.

In an interview with Glamour, the actress recounts behind the scenes the days in which she, according to her account, achieved big dreams and inspired her to self-knowledge, to the point of venturing out and signing her determination for herself in the new stage . of her life. Read below!

Jakai, how did the decision to take over your fashion editing come about?

This was my first haute couture week, it was an honor and a dream come true to experience many great moments at the Schiaparelli and Zuhair Murad shows and to visit the studio of Iris van Herpen, one of my favorite artists when it comes to fashion. At the beginning of the year I decided to attend this Haute Couture week to get to know myself, I’ve already been through two amazing fashion “fathers”, [designers] Yann Assioli and Daniel Ueda, both are fashion geniuses that I don’t even need to fill them in. of compliments because, well, each one has their own style, they are two wonderful people who I love very much. But this Fashion Week, I decided to introduce myself to this new moment.

What are your biggest references when it comes to design?

My biggest critic is these amazing stylists we have in Brazil. Like those I’ve worked with, Yan Assioli, Daniel Ueda, Pedro Sills, Rita Lazzarotti, Flavia Laver, Leandro Porto, Thiago Biagi, who are doing an incredible job. And places, Brazil itself, that have such diversity in materials, clothing, and climates that we can venture into different styles. Paris and New York too… oh, snowy places too!

This year, what are your style goals?

I find myself completing studies, meeting new designers, other fashion weeks, new styles. I am very open to new experiences.

What are the most important lessons you learned from Daniel Ueda and Yann Ascioli?

It was definitely a matter of professionalism, the care they take with the message they want to convey, the appreciation for national and international fashion… They taught me that a costume is not just a costume, but how it feels to wear it, and so many other things. wonderful teachings that simply do not fit in words here, only thanks to these great professionals.

Signing your own style, attending the great haute couture fashion shows… What’s next for you?

I really don’t know what’s next for me because what happened to me this couture week was a lot of dreams come true, and now I don’t have any plans because our plans are in God’s hands. And really, at this moment, my only plan is to thank God, my fans and all the people who have accompanied me during this fashion week, how people have encouraged me. As of now I have no plans, just thanks.

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