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What is the Genetic Conflict that Naturally Triggers Pregnancy and why it can Cause Complications for the Fetus and the Mother

Welcoming parties for the new baby and parties anticipating their arrival. There are many opportunities to celebrate 40 weeks of transition to parenthood. These ceremonies...

Five Misconceptions About Chronic Pain

Back, neck, head, shoulder…: Pain is a common experience that can appear anywhere on the body. According to the Spanish Association of Health Directors,...

Why It’s Important to Use After Sun Sunscreen for Your Skin

Fortunately, the population has become aware of the importance of using sunscreens with a high sun protection factor (SPF). However, forgetting or improperly using cream...

What is Good for Puffy Eyelids?

Did you wake up with puffy eyelids? Chamomile, hazelnut and cold applied to the area will help reduce inflammation. Allergies, fluid retention, blepharitis or trauma...

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