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Bombazzo!: The Cheating Between Rubiales and Piqué would have Benefited Barcelona in their Arbitration

When the case seemed partially forgotten, “El Confidencial” returned to issue a brutal exclusive: they investigated that the Rubiales-Pique Pact could benefit Barcelona in its arbitration.

This information was revealed on the morning of Wednesday, December 14, by journalists from the said vehicle, José María Olmo and Alejandro Requejo.

It all started on April 18 of this year. “El Confidencial” highlighted information that spread around the world: Piqué and Rubiales took the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, with multimillion commissions for the player.

The judge suspects that Barcelona benefited from his refereeing
Scandal after scandal. The latter, according to information from “El Confidencial”, refers to deceiving the competition by favoring Barcelona in the arbitration of the Rubiales-Piqué agreements, according to the judge investigating the case.

The judge of the Magadahonda Pre-Trial Chamber No. 4 confirmed that at the time the negotiations were rigged, Gerard Piqué was active and that the referees responsible for directing the matches depended directly on the institution presided over by Luis Rubiales, the Russian Football Federation .

“It is known that Gerard Pique Bernabéu was a player at the time the agreements were signed, and currently belongs to Barcelona [the request was made before his retirement], a club that appears alongside Real Madrid CF in a single paragraph. contracts that were explicitly contemplated in the sense that if you do not attend the tournament as a participant because you did not qualify in the Spanish competition to which you are entitled, this results in an economic penalty that translates into a reduction in UEFA Revenue in the amount of 5,000,000 euros for each edition in which this occurs.

«In the competitions of the Spanish League and the S.M. King, the arbitral tribunal is legally dependent on the RFEF itself through the Technical Arbitration Commission ».

In the memorandum, the judge highlighted that there is a clause in the contract that Barcelona or Madrid must not appear as participants, which entails an economic fine of five million euros for each year that they are not disputing the said competition.

Investigate Plots

Al-Qadi is investigating the sale of Spanish football to Saudi Arabia since June and is interested in knowing details of accounts linked to the emirate with Andorra, Piqué’s club through his company, Cosmos.

The former football player pumped over three million euros after Saudi Arabia started paying commissions for the sale of the Super Cup. This brokerage business provided Piqué 24 million. The judge wants to know the final destination of that money, 10% of the total value of the business.

Piqué and Rubiales have always defended the legality of the agreement and that the player’s commission is due to the fact that the agreement could never have been terminated without Piqué’s mediation with Arabia, an assertion that the judge does not fully believe.

Another Scandal

This is no longer a scandal in this case, called the “Supercopa files”, whose investigation for unfair information and corruption began on June 29. Since the first information published in April, “El Confidencial” has removed all the dirty linen from Rubiales, head of the RFEF.

This man did whatever he wanted with the Federation’s consent: making out with a model who was his lover, having orgies that the RFEF itself paid for, hiring detectives, recording conversations with important people in the government, and so on.

Despite having a record dirtier than a pig in the stable, ‘Ruby’ remains president of the Russian Football Federation, with a salary of 675,000 euros a year. By the way, the salary increased after an agreement was closed to sell the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia. Nothing suspicious.

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