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Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers

Baby Princess Through The Status Window is recently gaining immense popularity amongst manhwa fans for its unique fusion of romance and fantasy elements. It is a Korean novel and manhwa which is full of thrilling surprises.

MyAnimeGuru has sourced Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers from dependable sources, so you can enjoy the spoilers without any worries. Look no further – they are just what you need to get your anticipation up!

Let’s not delay any further and get started right away.

Baby Princess Through The Status Window Spoilers

Truth About Harmin

Recently, it has come to light that Carmin, a toxic plant, has the ability to disrupt mana. It was believed before that individuals who didn’t consume Harmin would become Mana deprived.

Research has proven that the large-scale consumption of Harmin Tea led to a significant increase in adults with mana deficiency. In fact, drinking this type of tea when suffering from this condition can be fatal – as evidenced by the death of Siervian’s grandfather, who was once an Emperor.

It has recently been revealed to those of us in the know that the Emperor has been using the Harmin Tea and Climate Magic Circle to cause a mana deficiency. This devilish act shows us just how insidious his tactics have become.

It’s unclear why Damian, Carmen, and the other wizards did not experience Mana Scarcity Disorder.

Rumor has it that Carmin is associated with dark magic. I cannot confirm this information though.

Reason Behind Why Siervian Can’t Wield Magic

Siervian first suspected that their allergy to Harmin Tea may have been caused by the prescribed medicine instead. Fortunately, after further investigation, they found out that it was actually due to the Harmin Tea itself. In this instance, the princess took it upon herself to make sure Siervian completed his tea-drinking ritual before the event, unbeknownst to the emperor and palace doctor of the palace. Unfortunately, Siervy was knocked out cold after she consumed some of the Harmin Tea. In response, the emperor ordered his doctor to research the tea which was supplied by the queen. Siervy found that her inability to use magic in her previous life may have been caused by the “mana-disrupting ingredients” present in the tea which she had consumed. Thus, this tea was assumed to be poisoned. When the truth about harmin was exposed, it became clear to Siervy that no ingredients were added to the cup – the ‘disruptive mana’ was harmin alone.

Siervian suffers from an allergy and it’s a surprise for its readers.

The princess realized that she was intolerant to Harmin Tea when she found out that her allergies were triggered by the beverage. This made her understand that she had an adversary in Harmin Tea. It has been known to circulate that the ducal family have assassinated people affected with Harmin Allergy, indicating that Harmin is actually responsible for mana disruption.

Why Was The Empress Against Siervian?

The Emperor and Empress married for political reasons, which upset Siervy’s father greatly. He even refused to share a bed with her, a sign of disrespect during that time.

What was Damian’s story? He wasn’t born like a normal human being; his birth took place through the use of powerful magic.

The Emperor is enamored with the mother of Siervy, which makes the Empress worry that he may choose to make Siervian the King’s heir. So, she desires to remove him from contention, as his father was a virgin when they first encountered each other.

The Siervian species is created through the process of biological reproduction – from the fertilization of eggs.

Though the Emperor has deep affection for Siervy and Damian, he will never give up Damian’s status as the Crown Prince.

How Siervian Came Back In Time?

The emperor of Siervian’s previous life employed an ancient magical artifact to take her into another realm, due to the regret and anguish of not being able to watch over her.

What prompted him to take it upon himself to carry out Siervian’s execution?

Unfortunately, Siervy was mistaken as the “tools” she thought were for executing weren’t- they turned out to be something else entirely. This artifact instead took her back to the past.

How Did The First Emperor Make People Drink Harmin?

The empire was situated in northern Europe and the mana’s central area millennium gardens, or likely to be even more precise, was focused on the spinel flower. This proximity provided the imperial people with a great advantage.

Every year, a snowstorm is triggered by the mana’s central point, manifesting as an energy-driven storm. This occurrence has become a regular part of the landscape.

Since the imperial city of Mana is located in the center of the country, there are more wizards there than in other places. To ensure an equilibrium, the ruler has mandated that Carmin be made available to people from all parts of the continent. This helps create a better balance overall.

He’s worried that if the Empire lacks Carmin, there will be more greedy people who can create disorder in the continent. This is due to the fact that Carmin can offer a protection from mana-disruption and thus prevent chaos from occurring.

The Navapal Kingdom

These influential figures relentlessly followed Siervian right up until her final days. Their Monarch lacked courage and was defeated by Alderuan (the father of Siervy).

Upon the defeat of the navapal king, his blood was combined with that of Alderuan due to their battles. It then became apparent that they would require Erveldotte’s blood in order to access the ancient ruins.

This is the reason Siervian was targeted both in their past and present lives.

Does Carmen Executes Siervian?

Contrary to popular belief, Siervian’s execution in the manhwa is conducted via an artifact rather than a guillotine. This is due to the object being an art piece that sends her back to a previous era. The father and the ml are collaborating to shape Siervian’s future as an adult. Their efforts enabled her to travel back in time, landing on her 5-year-old self and even accessing her sync device.

Does The Father Love Her?

Yes, Siervian deserves to be criticized along with Carmen, Damian and her father who are being dishonest with their views. He’s constantly under watch by Sarah and the head maid and on top of that, the empress should be held accountable too. Prior to her return home, Siervian didn’t have the chance to clear her name from all the bad press that was floating around. When questioned by “your majesty,” her father, she was unable to explain herself & hence he assumed that she had no intention of reconnecting with him.

The emperor can exercise control over any other part of Siervian, but the inner palace stays within the domain of the empress. As stated in the introductory chapter, she has exclusive power to do anything that needs to be done within her royal walls. If there is a legitimate justification for the emperor to not be able to take away authority, then it would be unwise to do so.

When Will Siervian Be Free?

Right at midday, I’m reminded of the Harmin tragedy. The Emperor is aware that a few mistakes were made, of which one was the Empress using her authority to frighten Siervian.

Siervian will no longer be under the control of the empress once her education as a royal heir starts; essentially, she will receive the same educational background that Damian (the prince) got. The Empress is greatly worried that the Emperor could make Siervian his successor and cede the throne to him instead of Damian.

Empress And Ducal House Ending

Damian’s welfare is of great concern to the Emperor as Her Majesty is soon due to be taken away to the Cold Palace. The penalty she is expected to face might be harsher than initially thought and so her relocation is of utmost importance.

Tragically, the Duke, brother of the Empress, was slain. It is not known how it happened but conjecture points to some involvement in the Southern realm. Whatever the cause of death may be, it occurred independently of a guillotine sentence.

All of them were wiped clean in a single sweep.

Original 5 Ducal House

The first emperor of the Empire had five Ducal Houses under his rule. Every one of them kept some secret that was mandated by the emperor himself. The initial emperor was adamant that the secret should remain a secret and thus, issued commands for it to be extinguished within two centuries. This meant the secrecy of the information would be maintained and their bloodline would disappear with it.

The first emperor knew that introducing a monopoly was the only way to ensure peace during a chaotic era. To make sure of this, he took numerous steps to ensure the whole continent had harmony and stability.

The five Ducal Houses, including the empress’s house, were determined to remain relevant. Fortunately, the first emperor didn’t decree anything as severe as killing citizens, but still refused their requests. The current Royal Line of the South have a dark history of committing many horrible actions, such as the execution of those opposed to Harmin Tea consumption. This is why they were ultimately ‘cleansed’ from existence.

Despite trying to slither away and keep a low profile, the Duke was caught and taken prisoner. He made some taunting remarks that ultimately lead to his downfall; he passed away before Siervy reached the final scene.

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