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Are you Renovating the Bathroom? Be Sure to Combine these Directions and … Succeed!

This one is taken in the shower to make it more natural and relaxing. If you’re renovating your bedroom for the 2022-2023 season, be sure to check out these 14 essential trends. You will know how to integrate it into your bathroom and its new interior design will not leave anyone indifferent.

A Very Natural Environment

The natural look is seen as a trend to be applied in bathroom renovations. what does that mean? Neutral tones, soft woods, relaxed shapes… The aim is for the bathroom to breathe calm and naturalness. This bathroom is a good example where all tones blend together, nothing stands out and the warmth of the wood is too much.

Mud Walls or Something

To achieve that natural and peaceful look, one of the repairs you should do in the bathroom is to choose only the walls that are not covered with tiles. Clay mortars give the walls that handcrafted wood look. Also microcement. And of course, there are tiles with similar finishes that work well too.

Literal Effect

Incorporate details that don’t seem perfect in the bathroom. For this, one of the trends is stone sinks with organic shapes. Rounded lines are relaxed and the finish separates from the brushed finish. The combination of these nuances also defines the direction of the bathroom.

Expired Furniture

They are still a trend to light up the front of the tub and facilitate cleaning the floor. The effect of lightness in the design of furniture that does not touch the floor is undeniable. It’s enough to lift 30 cm off the ground, without wasting too much storage space.

LEDs Raise the Bar

The trend for the next renovation of your bathroom is to study the ambient lighting. General, subtle, ambient lighting and everything through different types of lighting and lamps. Decorate lamps and provide different colors. Candlesticks are essential, and pendant lights remain a staple of luxury bathrooms.

Round Mirrors

Because they provide rounded lines, they are less aggressive and give movement to the front of the bathroom. Do not value only square or rectangular mirrors to mount above the sink. The roundness will give you a lot of play and flow in the overall decor. Plus, you’ll find it backlit for a depth effect. Bathroom mirrors have always been a staple for interior designers at El Mueble.

Main Walls: Two Copy Directions

In a bathroom renovation, the walls take center stage. If we already mentioned the idea of betting on the nature of the composite, for those who want to stand out, personalize or area, tiles installed in a special way (like herringbone) or wallpaper cannot be missing.

Built-in or Wall-Mounted and Free-Standing Faucets

Leading! Then you must have such a faucet in your bathroom. When considering a repair, it’s time to redistribute the outlets to move them to the necessary point where a floor faucet is installed next to a freestanding bathtub, a wall faucet or a built-in faucet in the sink area and leave the surface of clean work.

Maxi Sprinkles from the Ceiling

They are pieces that make the bath more fun. The feeling of the effect of falling rain is achieved through large showers integrated into the ceiling. It is necessary in the repair of the bathroom to bring the socket to the ceiling. Plan straight to the point. They are available in square, rectangular and circular shapes, preferably very thin. There are those that contain strips of light (chromotherapy).

Distribution with Bathroom and Shower

And not only with a free-standing bathtub, but also with built-in models. It is necessary to create distributions that contain the two elements – a shower and a bathtub – without taking up too much space. It’s about setting one room after another in the same bathroom area. The perfect way to do this is as you can see in this project.

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