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A New 3D Scanner Lifts the Ban on Carrying Liquids in Hand Luggage on Planes

Passing through airport security with a bottle of water, wine, etc. in hand luggage without it being confiscated is already a reality. A new 3D scanner has made this possible.

In recent months, new security equipment that could change the traveler experience has been tested at Stansted Airport – one of five airports in London. Following the good results, Mark Harper, UK Secretary of State for Transport, said last Thursday that he intends to simplify checks for travelers with the new legislation, which means the 100ml limit of liquid will be lifted. It can hold cans of up to two liters.

The new measures will also allow you to get through security without removing large toiletries and power tools from your bags or backpacks. It is worth remembering that so far, in most airports, it is not allowed to transport liquids, creams or toothpaste in packages with more than 100 ml.

Britain will set a June 2024 deadline for airports to upgrade security screening machines. But the trend is global, with examples in Amsterdam Schiphol or Helsinki, where liquids and laptops no longer need to be separated from luggage. The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also tested the new devices at fifteen airports, including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego and Chicago.

New sectional baggage scanners generate a reliable and secure hologram. According to the companies that make these new machines, “computed tomography (CT) x-ray scanners produce high-resolution 3D images to speed up the baggage sorting process, for which the operator’s visual inspection is like the automatic object recognition, resulting in lower false alarm rates.”

With this scanner, it will no longer be necessary to remove electronic devices and liquids from luggage. In this way, traffic is accelerated and queues can be reduced.

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